Thursday, April 22, 2010

Little Wallet for My Mom

My very first wallet didn't come out right and this is the 2nd wallet I sew. Well, it looks better than the first one. At least more firm lorrr... Wahh, I really learn a lot of sewing skills in this one. Very interesting hobby.

I made this for my mom and hope she like it. Pssttt... She actually already using it now. So, you think she like it or not arr?? ^0^

More sewing item will come and Nicky will ganbatte!!! Pls stay tune ya.


BK said...

very "sui" leh, a very nice wallet, ganbatte, ^.^

NC said...

Hi BK, baru nampak your message here! Still not 'sui' enough ler. Need a lot of ganbatte here! ^0^

喜欢手作的朋友· said...

how much for this wallet?

NC said...

Hi 喜欢手作的朋友! This wallet is not for sell as I made it for my mother. If you are interested, you can email me and I can custom made one for you as per your preference of measurement ya! TQ ~ ^w^