Friday, April 30, 2010

Peter Rabbit's Booties

This is my latest sewing project! Ohhhh, I just love them very much! Too cute to be wear on the feet. Do you agree with me? But...but... baby also very cute de hor... Then they can match each other lor. Cute + Cute = Super Cute? LOL... You do the math... ^0^

I bought this Peter Rabbit Cotton Canvas from May May Shop. She have tons of cute, kawaii, zakka and much more beautiful fabrics for you to choose from. You can hop over to her shop by clicking the link provided. Remember to order fast if you like her fabric as they normally very fast sold out!

Till then, enjoy my cute booties here.

P/S: If anyone interested, do email me for enquiry ya!


Patty's Cottage said...

nice booties:)adored the peter rabbit in this sweet shoes:)

NC said...

Thanks dear! Come to visit here often ya!

meiweihuang said...

really sorry for the late comments, >_< dont scold me >_< a bit busy on stock ^^

this is a good try , ^^ as i can see from the picture, the peter rabbit arrange in very good position .

NC said...

Mei Mei, TQVM for dropping by at my little station. Be late better than never. Nicky really appreciates your comment and will ganbatte more! Domo Arigatou. ^^