Sunday, July 4, 2010

1st HandBag!!!

My latest project. A handbag!!!

I made this bag for my sister in law as she bought this fabric for me from Taiwan. So, I took the chance to make a bag and I did it!

I bought a book that teaches me to make bags and I guess the book works well to me.

I use the prong snap button at the handle so the length can be adjusted as per your preferance (This is not listed in the book). Actually, the book teach me to use the leather handle but I dont have it. So I came out with this idea. I also make an inner zip pocket but the result came out a bit failure. I sew it too near the top area. Will make it better next time! This bag is not big but roomy enough to put your belongings. So, any comment ma? ^0^

Status: [For review only]


feltralicious said...

nice la. i am now trying to make wallet/bag/purse but got no time for it yet. so skrg cari all the tools that i might need.

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

this is nice ... I ve always wanted to make a nice bag like this .. i hope someday i can


NC said...

Feltralicious - Hi Wan, thanks ya! You must try it la, happy tu. ^^

a.n.i.Q.u.e - Hi there! Thanks ya. Wait till you make one and let me know ya! Must take the action oh. ^^

Cecilia Teh said...

Very inspiring. I am a bag addict and I am also just started to sew (as in real projects). I'll have to try this, very cute. Can you post a tutorial and the places that sell the materials?

NC said...

Hi Cecilia, thanks for the message. I learn it from at handcraft book name '一学就会的手作包' . Maybe you can find the book at any book store. You can try to find fabric and some of the material from or Let me know if you need more details..

Vivian said...

oh, what a lovely handbag!!^^ I love the cheerful and charming looking fabric, very nice.

Nicky said...

Thanks a lot Vivian. ^^