Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My previous diapers bag was old and torn already. So, I have to sew another one to replace it. I browse my sewing book and finally made up my decision for this pattern. After draw the pattern on the trace paper, I still can't figure out how to sew the bag. Then I think maybe after cut the fabric, then I will understand. However, after cutted the fabric out, I still don't understand how to sew it. Something is wrong with the pattern I guess. So I seek help from my handmade friend Belinda, YeeNChee to see what's wrong with the pattern. Then in no time, she figure out that the pattern was actually wrong! 高手就是高手。只是看一看纸型就知道是错的。OMG, what am I gonna do with the fabrics? I have to cut and join the fabric into the right cm lor. Luckily, not too much work on that part. ^^ Finally, here you are, my bag for viewing purpose only. ^0^
Oh ya, forgot to mention that I bought this canvas fabric from maymayshop. Hop over for more selection of nice fabrics there.

Made from: Canvas & Cotton Fabric, Snap Button and LOTS of LOVE.


Azaidris said...


What a beautiful combination of fabrics! Love it :)

NC said...

Hi Azaidris, thank you! You make beautiful bags too! Keep it up together ya~ ^^