Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tote Bag

I actually finished this tote bag before new year but haven't got the time to upload it until now. This time, I try to make my own pattern and the outcome not really that bad at all. Still have rooms to improve more. ^^
There are few photos more that need to edit before publish here. So, stay tune!

These are the photos I promised to upload. Enjoy!Both sides of the bag have pockets! Handsew with PU handle and PU snap button closure.
In front of the bag with another pocket with beautiful laces. Closure with snap button and a handmade label on the right bottom.
Large compartment with a key holder.
Inner with a zipper pocket to secure your precious belongings.
Another 2 pockets at the other side to put your extra accessories... Love them!


afifatun asshaari said...

Can i order this bag ( same design but with different material)

Nicky Chin said...

Hi there, sorry ya. I am unable to accept custom made at the moment due to limited time.

afifatun asshaari said...

Oh ok. Pls let me once you able to allocate your time for me :-)