Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cherry Strawberry Tote Bag

This is my latest creation! I have actually bought this canvas fabric from Maymayshop and plan to use it long time ago. I just can't figure out how to match the fabric until I saw this red stripe fabric in my collection and I thought it might just work out. Without drawing any pattern on paper like I used to be, I directly use a paper bag to get the size and draw on the fabric directly. After cutting done, then, I get started to sew & sew! Well, the idea of where to sew the handmade label, lace, pocket, closure and handle design, they just pop out in my mind along the way I sew the bag.

This is how the lace look on the bottom of the bag. Doesn't really looks like what I had imagined in my mind. LOL...

These are the handle using think lobster clasp and eyelet. Very tiring on hammering the 4 eyelets and 8 rivet buttons on the handle. The closure was using the mini rose 1.2cm snap button. Really cute!

I actually like the inner of the bag the most. Can't keep myself to fall in love with this natural linen color recently. It does match with almost any colors! I sew one zipped pocket one side and the other side like the below photo.

After turn the bag inside out. Oh ya, there is a place where you can actually put your pen. Did you saw it at the side of the bag which have lace one? hahaha
If you don't mind the magnetic button is outside of the bag, you can actually use both side of the bag!

That's the zipped pocket and the below photo is inside the zipper pocket with some nice flowers.

That's how it looks after the outside in inside. hahaha... Dunno what I am talking about already. Anyway, hope you enjoy reading!

Status: [Sold]


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