Monday, January 16, 2012

Tote Bag for Myself

Finished this bag quite sometime ago and now only have the time to upload it. Sorry ye, the lazy worm inside my body don't want to wake up. **LOL**This is the front size of the bag. I have used 120g batting which is available at my craft supplies' blog  HERE. This is a light weight bag indeed.
And this is the other side of the bag. I have used up the whole 1 meter of this street fabric. I haven't count natural linen fabric some more. I think total I have used up about 1.5 meter fabric just for this simple bag.
Well, my first attempt to sew up the zipper like this. Quite like it.
Many pockets inside the bag to hold my daughter's thingy. Very good to use especially during traveling.
One zipper pocket hidden inside a big pocket.
And finally, the bottom of the bag. I purposely used the dark color fabric so that it won't get dirty too easy.

Well, that's all for this bag. Hope you enjoyed the photo!

Nicky w/ Love~

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