Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long Wallet for my Elder Sister

Just finished this long wallet last Sunday. Really happy that I have made up my mind to challenge this type of long wallet. Well, this is not as hard as I thought though. Enjoy reading~ 

My sister prefer to have a plain wallet with her favourite blue color. She doesn't really fancy with those flower or lady thingy. She always commented that my handmade to damn lady like. T^T
It took me quite a long time to start this project just to choose the right color fabric for matching. I know I will hate the final product if it's too plain as that is not my type. hehehe
This is the cards' & cash compartment. The last space is where to put the cash. Did you see the kitty cat? hehehe
Now, more spaces for cards & coins! Total have 20 spaces for this wallet. My sister told me she want a lot of spaces.
Another clearer view for the spaces. I used 120g batting and thick stabilizer for the outer layer only. Nice boh?
Can't stop snapping more photos for this wallet as I don't know when I will try to do this type of wallet again.
Here you are, a clearer view of this kitty cat zipper. Isn't she cute? My sister really love cats. That is why I choose this zipper head for her. 

Well, I really hope she do like this wallet as much as I did. Till then, tada & take care!


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Ira said...

this is so pretty nicky.. plan to make one for mine.. thx yeah.. if u do have tutorial email me yeah..if not then should be ok :)