Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Short Wallet

Hi all...
It's been a while from my last post. Well, I am wondering myself too what's kept me busy. lol
Let's see... 
1) My girl is 5 years old now and I had to monitor her homework almost every night during the weekday. It's quite a hard task you know... :P
2) Full time job during the week day. 
3) Facebooking... I guess this is normal? 
4) Reads my Manga... YES! Very time consuming! 
5) Limited time left for my handmade. Then, take photo!

Summary = No time to update blogs... kekekeke 
All the photos taken were kept in the folder for quite sometime now... T.T

Type no more. Enjoy the photo lar... Domo Arigato!  

Status: [Not Available]

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