Friday, June 21, 2013

Custom Made

My recent custom made items for my precious customer. Took me quite sometime to complete them due to my limited available time for handmade. Thank you very much for your patience &  support dear!


Anonymous said...

Hi there... Lovely crafts by the way. Do you by any chances know where can I get supplies for craft materials here in KK? Been looking around but it's kinda hard to find a store which sells the items that I needed. I am working on feathered wings but finding raw material i.e artificial feathers in KK seems to be a challenge for me. Do you have any insight that you could probably share with me though? I would appreciate it. Thanks a bunch in advance. :)


Nicky Chin said...

Hi Rick,

Thanks for dropping by.

Sorry, I have no idea where in KK got sell those feathers. Did you try to search online?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicky,

Just wondering, what is the wire gauge you use for the wire names? Thanks


Nicky Chin said...

Hi Daisy,

This is 20g wire. Sometimes I use 18g too but it's harder and the alphabets are bigger. I do not like the result. So, will stick with 20g at the moment. Hope this helps.