Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day Gift!

What kind of present did you prepared for your lovely mom? This year, I sew bags for them! THEM??? Sounds like I got many moms. LOL. Don't get me wrong. Actually, 1 is for my own mother, and the other 1 is for my mom in law. ^^

This is for my mom in law. I sew a big bag for her last time. That is why, this time I sew a smaller size bag for her.

I make my own pattern. Still need a lot of improvement. If the bottom edge part is round, it should looks better. What do you think?

This is the inner view. 1 open pocket & 1 zipper pocket. Got place to hold her water bottle and her keys too! 


Now, this is for my mother. Last year I made her a short wallet. This time, I sew her a very simple bag because she doesn't fancy those flowery designed bag.

Another view of the bag. A long zipper on top of the bag with PU leather bag handle. It's a jean's fabric actually but the soft type.

Here you are. The inner view. With 1 open pocket & 1 zipper pocket too. This is a very lazy & soft bag. It can't stand by it's own as I didn't use the stabilizer. 

Well, I hope my moms do love them. 



Ira said...

this one very nice nicky
-roziatul :)

Nicky said...

Hehe... Thank you my dear~

Handmade Delight said...

So sweet!!!!
Your moms are lucky.

Nicky Chin said...

Handmade Delight, thanks a lot for the sweet compliments. I am proud to be their daughter! ^^

Nomaliza Azman said...

The bag for your MIL, if you make a rectangle bottom with rounded corners will make the bag spacious and stand on its own :)
Just an idea.

Nicky Chin said...

Liza, Thanks for your idea. ^^