Monday, June 11, 2012

Custome Made Sling Bag for Little Niece

This is my recent project. A little sling bag for my little niece. She is preparing to enter to smart reader. So, her mom requested me to make a sling bag for her, so that she can put in her thingy to school.
This is the overall looks of the bag. Small and cute with pastel colors!

This is the back view of the bag.

I use magnetic button so that she can open the bag on her own easily.

I have used a water proof fabric for the inner part. Very pinky! Hope it's roomy enough for her belongings.

I didnt sew 'dead' for this side of the bag handle. So, it is still adjustable. It's a tie-up type.

Here is the look for the other side of the handle.

That's all for now! Coming up next, preparing for father's present. Why? Of course is for the Father's Day which is just around the corner!

Cheers for now~


Ira said...

hi nicky..ur niece must be like it very much :)
it's really cute n pretty :)

Nicky Chin said...

hi hi, thanks a lot! muakks!

Sakura Workshoppe said...

Wow.. Nicky .. Your sewing skill is awesome ..

Nicky Chin said...

Hi Sakura. Thank you very much! ^^